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EurJewels was founded by Cordula Bulgin, who have been in the European Jewellery Industry for over 10 years, working with top jewellery brands and retailers in the industry.  We found so many beautiful, iconic, avant-garde European Jewellery brands that are not available or easily found in Hong Kong. We built this website to bring these amazing collections to you and to share the best Europe has to offer with you. 

We guarantee all of our collections are 100% original and available for quick delivery. Satisfaction Guaranteed! We accept returns within 7 days for a full refund upon return. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Sparkling Jewels 

Sparkling Jewels is a luxury brand from Netherlands which offers an amazing colorful collection of necklaces and bracelets using only the finest gemstones that can be mixed and matched with pendant and bracelet holders. 

All natural gemstones are cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer and finer grits of harder substances. After the gemstones are sawed and ground to the desired shape and sanded to remove rough marks left by coarser grits, they are polished to a mirror-like finish to aid light reflection from the surface of the stone. The smooth round gemstones create a sophisticated and stylish design combined with your chosen pendants to represent an overall feeling of style and luxury.

The pendants and bracelets are covered with a gold or rose gold plating. Silver colour pendants have a rhodium-plating on top. The bronze base material has been pre-threatened with advance plating techniques to secure a long life surface

The silver necklaces and bracelets are finished with a rhodium, gold or rose gold plating.

Sparkling Jewels 是一家奥地利高級珠寶商, 她采用彩色繽紛完美無瑕的高級寶石, 配合工匠的精湛手藝, 創造出完美無瑕的頸錬和手錬. 這品牌特式是可按照自己的心思隨意組合和配襯吊嘴和手錬的寶石珠子, 制作出獨一無二, 能表現個人風格品味的首飾.

Sparkling Jewels只采用高級的天然寶石, 所有嚴格挑選的寶石都會經過工藝熟練的工匠以純熟的工藝制作出一件件令人驚嘆的藝術作品. 這一連串工藝由切割開始, 首先石頭經精密切割成理想形狀和尺寸後便進行下一個工序打磨, 用上最堅硬和最幼細的打磨砂礫, 經過多次粗磨和精磨直至寶石表面形成高度光亮鏡面, 這樣一棵完美無瑕的寶石便誔生了.

 吊嘴和手錬分別由純白銀或黃銅鑄造. 白銀飾物表面鍍了一層貴金屬rhodium, 而黃銅側經過先進電鍍技術處理, 這些電鍍表層令飾物表面顏色持久和不易變色.

白銀吊嘴和手錬有三種電鍍顏色可供撰擇, rhodium, 電金和玫瑰金.

ARX Jewels

Arx Jewels is a new collection of innovative and fashionable jewellery combining silver with colourful leathers and vibrant Swarovski element crystals.

Featuring elegant styling and designed to be a unique balance of casual chic and understated glamour this collection can seamlessly transition from a trendy everyday look into a fashionable evening style.

The collection features bracelets, pendants, and earrings all hand finished from the finest sterling silver and covered with a protective layer of Rhodium plating to ensure a long lasting lustrous finish. Each Arx Jewel is finished to the highest possible standard and we are proud to offer a full 1 year manufacturers warranty throughout the range. Every product is presented in a in elegant leatherette box

Arx Jewels 一所意念創新的時尚首飾品牌, 她的設計融合了純銀, 真皮和施華洛世奇水晶以匠心獨運的工藝制作出時尚,獨特和別緻的作品. Arx Jewels的時尚首飾徐了日間佩帶外更可以輕鬆轉變為潮流晚裝配飾.  

Arx Jewels的吊嘴、手錬和耳環是全人手制作, 用上最高級純銀鍍上 Rhodium 貴金屬作保護令飾物表面顏色持久和不易變色. Arx Jewels 首飾都經過Arx Jewels的吊嘴、手錬和耳環是全人手制作, 用上最高級純銀鍍上 Rhodium 貴金屬作保護令飾物表面顏色持久和不易變色. Arx Jewels 首飾都經過工匠以嚴緊精湛技術達到最高品質要求, 每件 Arx Jewels首飾均配以精美禮品盒包裝和提供一年品質保証.工匠以嚴緊精湛技術達到最高品質要求, 每件 Arx Jewels首飾均配以精美禮品盒包裝和提供一年品質保証.

Vidal & Vidal Signature Collection

Vidal & Vidal was created in 1997 and is a 100% Spanish brand produced completely in-house on the island of Menorca. Vidal and Vidal can be found in the leading luxury department stores throughout Spain including El Corte Ingles, Spain, and guarantees all its products to be hypoallergenic. The Vidal Vidal Signature Collection is extremely high quality classic jewellery where design and quality merge so that the pieces can be worn on any occasion.

The entire collection is crafted of 925 sterling silver and completed with platinum plating. Platinum is regarded as one of the most valuable, hardest precious metals whose color is virtually inalterable. A selection of products are also available in 18 carat gold plating (3 microns). All products are designed and inlaid with premium quality cubic zirconia, of 3A grading.